Archipelago PR offers a high quality public relations and promotional service that can help you or your business succeed. We have years of experience and many successful and satisfied clients including Authors and researchers, Musicians, Professional Sports Instructors and Artists. The experience we have gained from them can be passed onto you and can help deliver the PR and promotion results you need in your venture.

Benefits of Effective PR

An effective PR approach can promote you, build your brand and grow your business. That's the reason most successful people have PR agents. It is one of the most effective methods of raising awareness, interest and success in whatever industry you're in. PR is more than placing ads and submitting press releases. It's a constructed and carefully thought-out process specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of the client. More...

The Archipelago Approach

Archipelago offers a first-class professional PR service with your satisfaction always our foremost concern. From the outset Archipelago listens to you and delivers. We offer a personal service and approach based on the goals you and your venture are looking to achieve. We believe in quality not quantity where the client is afforded the service and attention they deserve. More...

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